Top War Gift Codes (April 2024)

Top War is an addictive strategy game where you can merge different buildings, plan unique strategies, and expand your territory to become an ultimate warlord. This game is quite interesting and fun to play. Even it seems quite similar to Clash of Clans as well.

Even though Top War is a nice game to play, the best thing is that it provides users with different Top War new gift codes so that they can redeem in-game resources for free. So if you want some free exclusive items then keep on reading this post till the end.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top War Gift Codes – April List 

In the following section, you will find a working list of codes. With these top war gift codes, you can get different stuff in Top War, for instance, diamonds, in-game currency, and gifts. 

  • TOP2023 
  • topwar888

Expired List

In this section, we have added the list of expired Top War gift codes. Take a look at these to avoid wasting your time in an attempt to redeem the expired ones.

  • 2023SweetEid
  • PacificRimTW
  • L-O-V-E
  • 2023Nian
  • TWxEVA2
  • NewWorld
  • DieselDog34 
  • EVAxTW 
  • KDQB666 
  • TW2022RMD 
  • TOPWAR666 
  • T0PWAR2022 
  • SpOwOky 
  • Mistletoe 
  • Fall4BubbleTea 
  • Mooncake
  • ShowTime2022
  • TF3July2022 
  • theZimvideo
  • JoyfulJune 
  • AdoreYou  
  • niconicopremiumday 
  • ThxgivingD
  • MayDay2022 
  • wissenswert
  • 2021NYGIFTS
  • PumpkinPie
  • FuntapXmas
  • topwarTF
  • myasnik 
  • dima 
  • johan 
  • mamix 
  • memorybox2021
  • MidAutumn 
  • topwarmay
  • Eid2021 
  • golden51
  • mob2021
  • RK2021
  • TOPWAR0401
  • HalloweenTW
  • communityCaFe 
  • TFAugust 
  • vividarmy621
  • EternalLand
  • thanksgiving
  • enj0yxma5
  • G123_vividarmy
  • TopwarEster
  • TopWar2020

How to Redeem Gift Codes?

Getting your free rewards from Top War gift codes is quite an easy task. But if you don’t know how to do it then we have made the process easier for you. Here is a detailed guide to help you with reward redemption in Top War.

  • Open the Game, and click on the Commander Avatar located on the top left of your screen.
  • Go to the Settings, and then head towards Gift Code.
  • Enter the Code in the required field and then collect your rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is Top War a Chinese Game?

Ans. Yes, Top War is a Chinese Battle strategy game that comes with different merge mechanics which you will surely enjoy.

Q- What is the max level for Top War?

Ans. The command center level can be quite higher than your game level. However, in Top War, the highest game level is 80.

Q- Can I play Top War on PC?

Ans. Top War is an amazing game that is available for Android and iOS platforms. However, you can’t play this game on your PC directly. Either way, you can use an Android Emulator to experience Top War on PC.

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