Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2024 – Best Characters

If you’ve played Risk of Rain 2, you’ll know that the gameplay is straightforward, consisting of leveling up the meta and fighting unique opponents. However, you must have observed the game’s massive number of survivors, which are difficult to define due to their identical characteristics. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled the ideal Risk of Rain 2 tier list for you.

Our tutorial is focused on the Risk of Rain 2 tier list, which is only available to survivors. Items can also be ranked, but the issue is that there are just too many of them, and they are constantly updated. It’s impossible to keep the statistics up to date. After 500 hours of playtime with Risk of Rain 2, my personal advice is to play the game as much as possible. Only long-term experience will help you sort a superior tier list.

Note that our tier ranking for Risk of Rain 2 characters is subjective, thus it may differ for you based on your playstyle.

C-Tier Commando

Commando was a crucial survivor in the original game, but he hasn’t been as impressive in the sequel. The main reason Commando is classified in the C tier is that most of his technical abilities aren’t distinctive. 

They’re fairly frequent among other survivors, and his primary, the double-tap, is one of them. It’s not even close to being consistent. Similarly, the secondary Phase Round and Phase Blast are superior.

Also noteworthy are Tactical Dive and the slide, especially with the new Frag Grenade upgrade. Commando is missing the single target, grip DPS, and AOE damage, as well as Utility, which is all important to me. 

Again, tier rankings are subjective, so if you’re enjoying its ridiculously quick Proc Coefficient that relies on Double Tap, via 290 percent damage, go for it. It can be useful in a variety of situations.

C-Tier Mercenary


Every publication ranked Mercenary in the A tier when Risk of Rain 2 was originally released. His powers, including double jumping, I-frames, and slamming, were among the game’s most powerful. 

However, he experienced a significant nerf in the most recent update, with his Base Health and Regeneration, as well as his cool down, being drastically altered. This has completely destroyed the character, and I’m not convinced it was a smart decision to nerf him that much.

Mercenary is now just an ordinary melee survivor, with qualities that are a shell of his former self. This does not imply that he is a poor survivor. 

It’s only that, as a result of his various changes in abilities, he’s become extremely unpopular. Similarly, rather than leaping into the game and expecting miracles, it would be wiser for new players to study how their strategies work first.

B Tier – Acrid


In multiplayer, I’ve used Acrid a lot. My tandem partner usually gets Acrid with Blight, while I use Poison, resulting in an awesome combination for leveling up. Acrid, on the other hand, is the last character I choose whether playing solo or in other modes. His skills are admirable, but they are no more valuable than a hit-and-run specialist.

If you look at his primary, Vicious Wounds, it’s decent, but you also have Mercenary, who does the same thing better and can also survive longer levels, unlike Acrid, who has a hard time finishing enemies.

Acrid has recently received a regeneration buff, which now extends even further over the terrible wound and hungry bite. However, if you think about it, a 10% increase in health over time is not unusual.

If you still want to use Acrid, my personal advice is to do so solely in multiplayer. If that isn’t an option, gather all of the appropriate stuff, such as a ukulele, ceremonial daggers, gasoline, and will-o-the-wisp. Until Acrid can do more than melee attacks and survive in the later levels of the game. For me, he’ll always be in the C tier (at least in survivor mode).

B Tier Artificer


I’m sure a lot of people would argue that Artificer should be at B. But, honestly, I believe she is deserving of a promotion from C to B. Artificer recently received a slew of buffs, including increased nanobomb damage and higher drop-off during fights. Furthermore, the developers have acknowledged Artificers’ sole purpose, which is to deal significant damage. 

They’ve also made a distinction between the discussion over whether Nano-Spear is superior to Nano-Bomb. The Blast Radius, Damage, and Force have all been dramatically altered in version 1.0. A minor change has been made to the Ion Surge, but it appears to be unneeded.

Artificer, in my opinion, feels like the best survivor in the early game due to her tremendous DPS. However, as time passes, everything changes, and she feels absolutely worthless. Her ability to move around with items is still a concern. 

This broadens your horizons even more because you’re more likely to loot and find useful goods. Similarly, I’m not sure why the developers haven’t changed Artificer’s primary cooldown, which is still her major flaw.

Engineer – A


At A Tier, we have the time-consuming and specialized – Engineer. So far, there have been no upgrades for the survivor, and his capacity to dominate the entire game through turrets remains crucial. In Risk of Rain 2, he is possibly the most powerful individual survivor. 

I know a lot of people despise his primary, and I agree that his results are uneven, but look at the numbers. They are the most powerful in ranged combat and deliver the most damage. Engineer mobility is dubious at best, but the Bubble Shield (Utility) compensates for it over time. The engineer’s main flaw is that he may be tedious at times. 

All of the work is done by the TR12 Gauss Auto or TR58 Carbonizer Turrets, and you’re just following along.

If you’re new to Risk of Rain 2, I recommend starting with Engineer. His ability to use Turrets to confuse adversaries before strengthening himself with items like Bustling Fungus, Soldier’s Syringe, Hellfire Tincture, and Razorwire is unrivaled. 

Also, keep in mind that he is termed an Engineer since it necessitates preparation. Many players have been spotted in survival being extremely violent against adversaries and then complaining about the character. The engineer has more departments than Acrid, yet he isn’t capable of entirely squeezing enemies.

A for Rex


Despite all improvements, the half-robot, half-plant rex remains a top-tier survival. Everyone understands that one of Rex’s key strengths is that he is a destructive independent survivor. He doesn’t require anyone’s assistance, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think he does. 

There have been times when I didn’t even collect an item early in the game and relied only on Rex to make it to the end. Rex’s kit is extremely well-balanced, which is one of his best qualities. He has the ability to deliver a lot of damage while still surviving.

Rex hasn’t been updated in a long time. Natural Toxins, which can significantly reduce enemy armor, movement speed, and damage, are still available to him. Seed Barrage, a damaging mortar, is also available, as is the spammy Tangling Growth. All of these characteristics identify him, and practically all of his powers are beneficial; they can completely destroy opposing bosses.

Because of his disadvantage of losing health during the fighting, Rex would never make it to a higher tier than A. 

Many individuals have chastised Hopoo Games for their weak ability to lose HP. But I believe everyone has realized that this feature was the only way to keep him balanced over time. I’m not a fan of his mobility; it’s difficult to get used to his languid movements. 

Furthermore, when I use Rex frequently, it can be aggravating because practically all of the gameplay is repetitious, and you are compelled to spam the powers. On the other hand, he can cure himself of level 1 without the use of any equipment, so that makes up for it.

If you’re new to Risk of Rain 2, I wouldn’t advocate relying on Rex’s tier ranking alone. He can be difficult to utilize, and if you aren’t familiar with the complete health meta, you should avoid him.



MUL-T like Bandit, as expected, received some good buffs, and he is now back on track. Hopoo Games decided that MUL-T had fallen behind the times and needed a thorough overhaul. MUL-T, on the other hand, had only a few changes compared to other characters like Mercenary. 

His Transport Mode Cool Downtime has been reduced to 6 seconds. In addition, the Retool exchange time has been lowered to 0.4s. The Nail Gun, which we are accustomed to spamming, has received a few modifications as well. 

The Proc Coefficient has been increased to 0.6, and Damage has been increased from 60% to 70%. An increase in base acceleration, in my opinion, was the most critical MUL-T Update that has returned him back to the A tier list.

Aside from that, he’s exactly the same as he was before. MUL-T continues to have the biggest Health Pool in the game, as well as strong weapons. He is still an exclusive survivor, with features such as “carrying two pieces of equipment at the same time” and being the only ranged survivor with armor contrasted to the rest of the survivors who have none.

The way MUL-T plays hasn’t altered much. To get decent damage, you’re basically utilizing tanks and rushing enemies. To summarize, I believe that retooling is still the most useful skill, while MUL-T is simply a worthy survivor. 

The only reasons why some people dismiss him are that he is too slow (which is a myth) and that MUL-T is overly reliant on AOE Items. Because of his fastest attack speed, he has a somewhat lower mobility factor. If you haven’t played MUL-T in a long time, trust me when I say that this update has made him the most powerful ranged survivor in Risk of Rain 2.

Huntress – A


Huntress, also known as the game’s Glass Cannon, is the most flexible and tough survivor in Risk of Rain 2. Her Damage Per Second, when combined with a single target, is unreal. She has the ability to just dissolve foes, plus she has the advantage of being mobile. 

She can also shoot while sprinting, which is useful in circumstances where you need to rotate or fall back while keeping the opponent at bay. Huntress is also spot on when it comes to scale and hit items. 

This is made even greater by the fact that she possesses everything an aggressive survivor would desire. The main is gentle and precise, although it is limited in range. The secondary specialties, such as Ballista, compensate for this.

Huntress is a decent survivor, thus putting her in the A tier is reasonable. She does, however, lack several key components of the game. 

That is to say, her major range is the most serious issue. You’ll frequently need to close the distance and do some damage. This is compounded by the fact that her Health Pool is the lowest in the game. 

She can be vulnerable, especially against foes who are relentless and can take you out with a single stroke. Huntress is also up against a bunch of targets, where you must concentrate on killing one adversary at a time.

Regardless of the circumstances, Huntress will always be a top-tier survivor. Her powers are everything a survivor requires, and she tops it off with insane movement, which is controversial but, in my opinion, the greatest in the game. Huntress would have made it to A+ Tier if her Health Pool hadn’t been so low.

A+ for Loader


Starting with the A+ Tier, we have an incredible Spiderman loader that can basically accomplish anything. The loader has been in the game for quite some time, but she hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Her primary abilities always start with no fall damage, and her character’s ability to be the best melee survivor in Risk of Rain 2 adds to that.

The loader possesses the game’s second-largest health pool. Because Loader has always been the king in the early game, her entire character is flawless. She has improved over her bands’ meta with the recent 1.0 patch, and players can now obtain guaranteed proc that expands with longevity with green items.

One of the primary issues with other survivors in this tier list guide was that, despite the fact that nearly all characters are distinct, they were all similar. They always lack a key characteristic, except in the case of the loader. She is the game’s most mobile survivor while yet doing massive damage.

I strongly advise novice players in Risk of Rain 2 who are reading this tier guide not to go straight to the loader. She can be difficult to master, especially because her swinging mechanic necessitates a high level of consistency because it is your primary means of dealing damage to adversaries. 

On the other hand, you’re not looking forward to acclimating to her swinging mechanic. 

You can alternatively wait for the Thunder Gauntlet to fully charge, which deals 2100 percent damage. The M551 Pylon, on the other hand, requires patience due to its quick recharging.

A+ for Captain


Since patch 1.0, the Captain has been a part of the Risk of Rain 2 universe. In the game, he has quickly become my favorite survivor. What draws me back is his main meta of being efficient and possessing damaging weaponry. 

The Vulcan Shotgun, Captain’s M1, is without a doubt the greatest M1 in the game. His secondary, on the other hand, is a little strange, and Power Tazer isn’t my thing. His passive, Defensive Microbots compensate for this by allowing him to be extremely defensive in circumstances where rotation is required.

Due to their heavy damage, they are still valuable in late scenarios. Captain, on the other hand, still lacks mobility; he isn’t the fastest player in the game, but that’s logical given that his entire playstyle revolves around movement rather than camping. It can save you a lot of time if you use his hacking features properly and grab stuff like the Legendary chest, and being efficient with Captain is always the goal.

Captain, on the other hand, is my favorite survivor in the game. I didn’t claim I used him on a regular basis. The Orbital Strikes demand a lot of practice, and if you’re not ready to put in the time, you won’t be able to use them. There’s a good chance you’ll wind up canceling the procedure and hitting air foes with it is a pain.

Which Character in Risk of Rain 2 is the best?

Risk of Rain 2 Final List

Captain and Loader are the best survivors in Risk of Rain 2 following the current patch. They are completely unaffected by enemies. Both the Captain and the Loader have the ability to win games on their own.

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