One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List 2024

One Piece Bounty Rush is a popular action game having millions of fans from all across the globe. It is a mobile game, which is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Currently, this game is available for Android and iOS platforms. 

If you are new to this game, you might have discovered that having the right character in One Piece Bounty Rush is the most important thing. So, if you are wondering which character to choose in this game, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we have mentioned the One Piece Bounty Rush tier list with the main purpose of helping out beginners. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Best Characters

Each character has its own specialties, that’s why it is important to make a good decision while getting started.

  • Rober Hub Gang
  • Grap Farhan
  • Mihawk
  • Gecko Moria
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Shanks
  • Arlong
  • Sabo
  • Bellamy

One Piece Bounty Rush – Tier A-List

In the following section, you will find the Tier A list for the One Piece Bounty Rush. This list features the best characters in terms of high damage in close-range areas.

30 Million Berry Bounty: Monkey D. LuffyAttackerRed
Drum Kingdom / Former Ruler: WapolDefenderGreen
Navy HQ / Captain SmokerDefender Green
The Seven Warlords of the Sea: Dracule MihawkAttackerRed
Girl from Syrup Village: KayaDefenderBlue

One Piece Bounty Rush – Tier B List

The Tier B list also holds the names of some incredible One Piece Bounty Rush Tier characters. Let’s take a look at them:

5ft Hammer: UsoppAttackerBlue
Arlong Pirates / Officer: HatchanAttackerRed
Baratie / Head Chef: ZeffDefenderRed
Climate Baton: NamiAttackerGreen
Krieg’s Pirate Arada / Battle Commander: GinAttackerRed

One Piece Bounty Rush – Tier C List

The Tier C list usually features average characters. These characters indeed have some special abilities but when compared with Tier A and B characters, they’re average.

Alvida Pirates/Captain: AlvidaDefenderGreen
Black Cat Pirates/Guard: ButchieDefender Blue
Bounty Hunter: Johnny RunnerBlue
Bounty Hunter: YosakuRunnerRed
Buggy Pirates / Chief of Staff: CabajiRunnerGreen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is One Piece Bounty Rush a good game?

Yes, this game is quite fun to play featuring different fun activities for players. Even though it is quite good, but still the developers need to work on the mechanics of this game. Also, I think that the graphics need a little bit of improvement as well.

How do you team up your rush in One Piece Bounty Rush?

For that purpose, first of all, you have to choose any two characters for a league match. Click on the Party Button, proceed to Edit Party and then drag the players from the left side towards your party. This is how you team up your rush in the game.

How do I play One Piece Bounty Rush on my PC?

Although the game is only available for a mobile phone you can use an Android emulator to run it on your PC as well. For that purpose, I recommend using Nox Player, or Bluestacks on your system.

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